Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 5 - Wednesday

Today was our first full day of being here in the region of Transylvania. We had a delicious French toast breakfast- Sally is spoiling us! There wasn't any water for the day until 9pm. Everyone was commenting that every time Sally has visitors, there are problems with the water. :-)

The guys worked very hard today in the heat, helping build a fence by the church. They dug out a trench and poured concrete. 
(The church)

Sally, Melissa and I prepared lunch and dinner. By the time we got food ready, it was time for lunch, and the guys came in for a break. 

In the afternoon, the orphans came over when their homework was finished. We played board games, volleyball, four square, soccer, etc with the kids. 
(Bianca and Cami) The darker skinned children are of gypsy heritage. 

Sally took us down the road to the orphanage. The kids hurriedly cleaned their rooms- they were giggling and embarrassed. :-) 
House of Hope was very clean inside. The kids live two per bedroom, dormitory style. They were excited to show us their cow, pig, goat, dog, chickens, and rabbits. You'll have to forgive me- these are all photos from my phone, but I'm also photographing with my nice camera, so my phone camera doesn't have everything on it to show you here. 

Here's the front side of Sally's house. 
Here are two of her German Shepherds. Talpos is well known for its thieves, so the dogs help deter theft from happening. 

Most each night the orphans come to Sally's for a home cooked meal. It was such fun; they asked us to sit next to them. 
(Denisa, Bianca, Alexandra, and Elvie)

Denisa is my little buddy. 

After supper we had a Bible study with the orphans. Melissa taught, and Sally translated. The kids were very engaged. Each one prayed in closing; their prayers were so sincere and heartfelt! 

Next we had a beginners English class, and then an intermediate class. It was cool to ask the kids questions in English. They also taught us more Romanian. I'm loving learning Romanian words!

After the kids went home, one of the pastor's sons, Tim came over and we had dessert and lots of chatting. He is fluent in English. Sally keeps feeding us! 

Good-night for now.