Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Jeremy and I have been selected to travel to Romania to visit Sally, a missionary our church (Grace Bible Church) helps support. We'll be going along with 3 other great friends from church: Shane & Melissa, and Pastor Brian. After planning for months and months, we're finally about ready to take off!  It's quite the thought! Here's Sally's website if you want to learn more about her ministry! Website

Here are some questions I have been asked:

How long will you be gone?
Jeremy and I will be gone for 17 days.

What will you be doing?
Well, as I have always heard, traveling to other countries you usually experience "hurry up and wait", which we are well prepared for, and will just go with the flow! :-)  We do know that we will be spending a lot of time with the orphans (which is awesome!), as well as helping with Bible studies.  Sally is an amazing lady who runs House of Hope orphanage, conducts Bible studies with the orphans, children in the village, and a teen group. She also teaches the English language, and has a ministry to the Gypsy population.  I have probably missed something in there, but needless to say, she must be one busy lady!  We will try not to be a burden, but help ease her load as much as possible.  We might help with some concrete work for sidewalks and/or help paint some interior rooms.  Much will be decided when we arrive. 

Where exactly are you going?
Our final destination will be the village of Talpos, Romania.  No, Talpos does not have a Wikipedia page; I already checked! :-)  From what I can find, Talpos is situated in western Romania, near the border with Hungary. The settlement lies along the Crişul Negru river.

What are you doing with the dogs?
Haha, yes this is one of the most often-asked questions I've received!  The dogs are staying at home with a friend, and will be well cared for!  Definitely the hardest part of Jeremy and I traveling is leaving our pups!  There's no way to explain to them that we won't be gone forever. :-) 

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