Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 11

The Happy Sunday!
This morning while Sally taught Sunday school class, the 6 of us had our own worship and corporate prayer time. 

In church, the youth group sang beautifully. A guest preacher spoke; he's on a radio broadcast, and had a great message. Sally interpreted for us. 

Walking to the orphanage for lunch.

We ate lunch with the kids in the dining area. Three years ago our team painted this room. Little Ionel. Yesterday he was showing me his bruises and scrapes from his bicycle. I said, "Oh, ouchie! You have a boo-boo." And now he's repeating it over. and. over. 😂 During lunch I taught him "cookie", and now he thinks that's hilarious. 😊

The ladies at the orphanage prepared us a lovely meal; we sure appreciated all the work they put into it, and their hospitality.

Sweet Alexandra wrote a chalk message for me. She's so thoughtful and observant, always making sure people's needs are met.

Denisa showing us one of their meat rabbits. 🐰

Tialyr has done a lot of hair braiding this week! All the girls have loved her attention.

Back at Sally's, the kids from the village gathered around for singing, Bible lesson, and play time.

Listening to them sing is so awesome!

The evening service was also terrific. 

Pastor Josh gave his greeting this evening. He spoke a bit about his background, and encouraged the church in their faith. Our identity is in Christ, and if we live our lives knowing our true identity, what a great impact that would make in our churches and beyond.

All of the kids, our team, Sally, and Tim. Our extended family! 

After evening church, we had a delicious meal of chili. Then the kids and teens came over for Bump and volleyball one last time. We then gathered in a circle for prayer. The kids prayed for our safe travels and we prayed God's blessing and direction on their lives. We walked them back to the orphanage, took photos together, and said our good-byes. The first time we were here, saying good-bye was heart-wrenching. For some reason this time was different for me. Of course we'll miss them terribly, but they're so loved and provided for here. I have faith God will bring us back together again. It's just a see you later. 💕

Love each one! 😍

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