Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 1 and 2- Saturday & Sunday

Our first and second days. All feeling healthy! We traveled from Boise to Seattle, then Seattle to Paris. They fed us very well on the flight and had lots of movies to choose from. I slept for maybe 45 minutes total. Jeremy, not at all.

We arrived on Sunday. One of our first impressions of Paris was that it was warm! We noticed none of the places we visited had AC. Going through customs was super easy- just a long line. We also noticed that everyone in line with us was wearing coats and scarves, where we were peeling layers off and fanning ourselves. :-) 

A shuttle delivered us to what we thought was our hotel. We didn't realize there were several with the same name. :-) We caught a taxi to get to the right location for roughly $40 per car for a very short distance. Everything in Paris is expensive!

After settling in and getting freshened up, we took the train into Paris. Unpleasant smells and a rough character made for quite the unforgettable experience-haha! I almost got sick, but we were able to get above ground soon enough. 

Our first stop was to eat at a real Parisian cafe! Delicious food! We walked right nearby to the Eiffel Tower and took some photos. The day really was like having an outer body experience...didn't seem real! :-) After locating our double decker tour bus, we hopped on and rode around to see some more sights. We stopped at the Louvre and hurriedly saw the Mona Lisa. Then on our way to Notre Dame, Jer got off the bus to buy a pencil sketch of the Eiffel Tower, when the bust started to leave and wouldn't let him get back on! Lol He ran alongside the bus for awhile until it stopped again. Everyone up top was laughing at him haha. We got off at Notre Dame next to buy crepes. 

It took us 3 hours to get back to our hotel... We got lost so many times, and were exhausted. People in Paris were very helpful to us silly Americans. :-) 

After going without sleep for over 30 hours, we hit the hay, ready to catch our early flight to Budapest. 

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