Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 3- Monday

Today we got up at 4am to catch our flight. We got to the airport and had the most amazing breakfast! A quiche with the most delicious tomatoes and basil, along with a chocolate chip croissant.
The flight from Paris to Budapest was just a little over an hour. We got to fly over the Swiss Alps, which were gorgeous. For some reason Jer and I got put in first class, which we did not pay for! It was pretty funny... We were served another large breakfast. Which we ate. :-)
Budapest from the air...
A shuttle took us to our hotel: Hotel Astoria. It's right in the middle of downtown, and is very historic. 
The view from our balcony is lovely! Lots of traffic. 
We went in search of lunch, and got some gyros. We were surprised they were only $2. 
We all took some much needed naps. I finally got some sleep! Yay. We definitely want to be as rested up as possible for getting to Sally's place tomorrow. 

For supper we connected with Ed and Heather Durham, missionaries here in Budapest. What an amazing couple! They've lived here for 2 years. 
My supper was cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chicken. Wow. I could eat this every day!

Ed and Heather took us on a walk to see some of the sights. We'll have time later on to explore the city more. 
After just having barely met Ed and Heather, we all feel like we've known them forever. What a blessing they were to us tonight!! We didn't even know there was anyone here we would be meeting up with! When we come back in a week, Heather promised to cook us Hungarian goulash. :-) 
On our walk back to the hotel we got ice cream. 
The Durham's gave us some cultural advice for when we reach Sally's, and just a few things to expect. They prayed for us, and we them. 

Apparently it's 1:15am, so I should probably be asleep. Jeremy is already in bed snoring. ;-) Our driver will come pick us up around noon tomorrow, and the drive to Sally's in Talpos, Romania will be about 5 hours. 

All in all each of us is having a great time and loving Budapest. In our opinions, it's much better than Paris. 

Thanks for the prayers! I think being at Sally's tomorrow will really sink in what this trip is all about. We can't wait to greet her and meet the orphans!! 

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