Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 10 - Monday

Happy Memorial Day! Wishing all my Finkbeiner family a wonderful family reunion. My thoughts have been with you all day and hope your remembrances and celebration are wonderful. 
Sally made us delicious French toast for breakfast. The guys made forms for a concrete slab at Sally's house. Melissa, Sally and I went to the orphanage to finish painting the dining room. We took scrubbing sponges and made a pattern in the paint. The room turned out to be much more warm and welcoming. 

The orphanage cook gave us a glass of tea they just made out of camomile flowers. It was amazing! I think we may have to plant some at home.

Meanwhile, the guys finished up the concrete. The dogs tear up the grass in that area; this will make everything cleaner and the kids will have more space to rollerblade. 

I got to groom the dogs this afternoon. They are so sweet and beautiful. Rex is majorly shedding but looks a lot better now!

Melissa and I went to the orphanage to help Vio milk the cow. He is so quick! It was a fun experience. 

The orphan kids came over to hang out and play. 

We disbursed a bunch of toys and fun stuff for the kids. They were so appreciative and excited! ( I took a video too.)

We had extra toys left over, so we gave a bunch of stuff to the 3 neighbor children: Radu, and his 2 little cousins, Florina and Alexandra. They have followed us around throughout the week, and clearly crave our attention and affection. The two girls are malnourished. The winters can be quite harsh, in a sense that there are few vegetables and fruit available then. In the summer, gardens are producing and food is more plentiful. These 3 were so excited and greatful. 

We surprised the orphans yesterday with telling them that we were going to take them out for pizza tonight. All day, they kept saying "ooh pizza!" We traveled in 3 vehicles to Solenta to a wonderful brick oven pizzeria. 
This was Bianca's first time to ever eat in a restaurant. It was adorable.

After supper, we went back to the orphanage yard and had ice cream and played with glowsticks. 

Brian thanked the kids, and then we went around a circle and prayed. Their prayers were so moving and thoughtful. Saying good-bye was quite difficult for both us and the children. I don't think there was a dry eye. Lots of hugs! These kids have touched our hearts in an extreme way. We will never forget them! Sally and the kids have blessed us beyond their knowing. 

As we walked back to the house, the neighbor boy Radu followed us home. He lost it and started sobbing. In a sense, even though he has two parents, he's worse off than the orphans. While we've been here, he has received a lot of attention, something he doesn't get from his family. You could tell how much our little time with him really meant. 

Sally said Larisa gave me a gift. It was a souvineer she got from a trip; something that really meant a lot to her, and now means a lot to us! So sweet! 

As I turn in for bed, the precious faces of these kids play in my mind like a movie. We love each and every one. Our hearts are sad we have to leave them behind, but we are so thankful for our time here, and will definitely keep them in our prayers. God has great things planned for their lives!

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