Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 11 - Tuesday

Today we packed up and said our good-byes to Sally. It's hard to sum up how thankful we are to all she did for us. We went here with the intention to serve her and the ministry, but she has the biggest servant's heart of all. Our hope is that we've made some impact and difference while we've been here. We've truly been blessed by our time here and the people we've met. 
(Tim, Brian, Sally, Bianca, Melissa, Shane, Jeremy, and I) 

While Dani drove us back to Budapest, the 5 of us debriefed and discussed what we will take away from this experience. 

We kept telling each other "don't look!" when we'd be close to hitting someone. Dani was a great driver, but it's been interesting getting used to the driving here. It's better if you just don't watch the road.  :-)

He took us to our hotel, Hotel Castle Garden. It is right next to the wall of the Buda Castle. We met a lady in the hotel lobby who spoke English and offered us a free tourbus ticket. We asked where she was from, and she said California. She was born in Lewiston! What a small world! 
View from our balcony.

Ed and Heather invited us over for supper tonight. Ed picked us up, and Heather made her famous goulash. Oh wow, was it good!! Their apartment is adorable!
The best salad I've ever had!
Ed and Heather are such wonderful people. They are so much fun to chat with, and really are doing great work here for the Lord. 

We took an evening stroll with them and saw some interesting sights. 
Hehe ;-)

This is a coffe place. Sorry, Starbucks. 

We took a ride on this ferris wheel. The views from the top were incredible! The whole city is lit up at night.

Love locks.

Ed and Heather walked us to the bus stop and we found our way back to our area of town. We walked around the Fisherman's Bastion. You'll probably get tired of my photos from there because I have a feeling we'll be back there a lot! :-) Total fairytale.

St. Mathias church is right there too. 

We also saw a hedgehog in "the wild"! Terrible photo, but you can kind of see it.


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