Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 15 - Saturday

I can't believe Saturday is almost over, which means tomorrow is our last full day here! So sad. I would stay here forever. Ahhh 

Today we slept in. It was nice to have an unhurried day. 
I had paprikish chicken for lunch. Jer had Wiener schnitzel. 

We tried to tour Matthias Church, but it had closed to visitors. Hope to walk through it tomorrow. We walked over to Buda Castle. Our hotel is within the castle wall, but today we finally got to browse around the actual castle. Wow!

We have been blessed with such great weather here! It has clouded up a few times, but has never actually rained while we've been out and about. 

Inside the castle are various museums. We went into an art museum. We enjoyed some of the art there for sure!

We did more walking around the castle...
I love this fountain. One of the dogs is getting a drink! :-)

I love the texture in the cobblestone roads!

We arrived at the most fabulous smell... Another booth of those chimney column cinnamon bread pastries. We stood in line and as I took this photo, they both turned and said "no photos!". Whoops! Their expressions say it all! Oh dear.

Next up: souvenir shopping in one of the bazaars. 

After stashing our goodies away at the hotel, we took the bus, then Metro to the downtown Pest area. We were surprised at all of the young people drinking from and carrying bottles of wine everywhere. I think the smoking here would really get to me after a small while. I'd say we are definitely in the minority of non-smokers. It was so sad to me the other day seeing kids 14ish years old smoking. 

We stopped here for a lovely supper. Note the blankets on the chairs. I just love that! 
The metro going back to the Buda side of town. The escalator is so long since it goes under the Danube. I try not to think about that fact! :-)

Once we bought our bus/metro passes, getting around has been a breeze!  We've also felt very safe here, especially on castle hill. Anyone driving through the castle walls has to have a special permit, so it really limits the amount of people in the area. 

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