Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 16 - Sunday

Well I'm writing this in Seattle because I didn't have time to last night. 

Yesterday was our last day in Budapest. :-( We had a few final things we wanted to see before we left. We'll have to come back and finish the rest! 

For breakfast we went to a traditional cafe, which felt like being in someone's living room. 

There was a waterfall that we saw a few times on the bus that we wanted to explore more. We took the metro and then got on a bus we thought would loop around quickly to where we needed to be. Unfortunately our bus drove and drove away from the city. We were so lost, probably in some suburb. Haha An hour and a half later, it returned to the city and we found the waterfall. Lol

I'm just a bit obsessed with stairs and vines. :-)
View from the top! The Elisabeth Bridge.

There were several times during the day that we got on the wrong transportation, but it really was fun exploring and just seeing where we'd end up. 

We wanted to go back to Castle hill, but instead of walking up like normal, we took this fun ride! 
We rode up with some people from Atlanta. Every time we ran into English speaking people, I felt like befriending them. :-)

During our stay, we saw many couples getting married. 

We stopped here for "lunch" or more of a snack I guess. 

Ok get this. Jeremy ordered "iced coffee". Pretty simple, right? Lol! We laughed at how decadent it was! Totally unexpected. :-)

Next up: Matthius Church, very close to our hotel. 

Such an incredibly gorgeous church!

Right outside the church is the Fisherman's Bastion, which you've seen on here before at night. It's pretty much amazing. :-)

We love all the street performers around town. This guy was doing enormous bubbles. 

We finished up our souvenir shopping and then went to dinner at Pierrot to celebrate our 7th anniversary (which is today!). This place is also on castle hill.

They advertised it on the street as having a secret garden terrace. Wow. It was the most gorgeous restaurant I've ever been to. We had the entire garden to ourselves!
My handsome husband! I sure am blessed!

The inside of the restaurant had a wall full of photos of famous actors and artists who've dined there.

We were first served raw trout as an appetizer (that we didn't order). Because we have such wonderful manners, when the waiter wasn't looking, we dumped the trout into a shopping bag. Lol!

We both had goulash and then this amazing gnocchi dish. Hands down the best ever. I've decided I really love ginger ale too! 

I signed their guest book with the intention of coming back some day!

I had had my eye on one of these Hungarian glass necklaces I'd seen in a store window. I "hinted" to Jeremy how pretty they were. On our way back to the hotel, we saw them in the window again. Little did I know, he had already bought not one, but two of them a couple days before. Lol It was quite the surprise later! He is amazing.
We ended up getting 2 hours of sleep before getting up again for our early flight.  Zzzz

What a full, rich time we've had here! I can't say how much we've enjoyed every single moment. So many memories have been made. So many wonderful people we've met that are like family that we love dearly and will see again! Thank you each one who have had a part in our special, life changing time here. A couple last photos of the children we came to bless, but we're doubly blessed by them and their love. 

Please keep praying for Sally, the other orphanage workers, and definitely the children. They are daily being shown the love of Christ through the ministry of House of Hope.

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