Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 7 - Friday

This morning us girls got up early to take Denisa to the eye doctor in Oradea, a larger city 1 hour away. We also went to pick up paint for painting the orphanage dining room, and a few groceries. 
Their home improvement store looks just like our Home Depot. 
(Instead of Mr. Clean.) :-) Oh, I'll also mention that sales tax here is roughly 24%! And gasoline is over $7. 
We also stopped at McDonald's for breakfast, which was a fun treat for Denisa. Melissa bought her a Coke and candy at the hardware store, and she was so thrilled and thankful. Sally warned us that she drives like a Romanian- fast! Lol 

When we returned back to the village, the guys had just come in from working on the church fence. The wife of the man who gave us a horse and cart ride last night baked us a huge loaf of bread in her outdoor oven. Someone is constantly feeding us bread and cakes here! Haha
The church men had a ton of help with the fence today, so our guys took the afternoon to help paint the orphanage dining room. The kids really wanted to pitch in and help. 
We primed the walls and put a coat of white on the top half of the room. Tomorrow the bottom half will be light blue. 

The orphans came over for tacos tonight. They love to eat and call themselves little "piggies". 
After dinner we played games and got ready for Friday evening prayer meeting. I did a load of laundry and set it on the balcony to dry.
(Alexandra and Jer)
Bianca sends her love!

Brian delivered the message at tonight's service about influencing those around us for Christ. He did an awesome job. 
After the service, Sally led the teen choir practice. They have such lovely voices! 
(The pastor of the church, Pastor Yvon)

Alexandra loves to be with one of us. She's so precious. 

This afternoon Larisa asked if we could stay here for 3 years. :-) It's going to be hard to leave these kids!  Our Romanian is getting better (obviously not fluent!), but each day we pick up more words. 

Of course Sally made another cake tonight. Haha!
We have 8 of the orphans in our room right now on bunk beds and the floor. They were so excited to have a sleepover with us! They were all hyper, but quickly went to sleep. 

Tomorrow brings more new experiences! Good night, and thank you for your prayers. We're all doing well and are healthy. We might come back 20 lb heavier though with all the bread and desserts here!

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