Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 8 - Saturday

Good evening! Well, technically it's Sunday already, but Sally is a night owl and we have been up passed 1am every night. :-) 

This morning the orphans ate breakfast with us, then went back to the orphanage. 

Melissa helped pluck chickens this morning. Around 20 chickens were butchered. The 3 guys went to work on painting the orphanage room again. Again, photos are on my regular camera. I helped Sally in the kitchen. There are many activities going on at church tomorrow, including a dessert potluck. 

This afternoon and evening was our sightseeing time with Sally. Us girls took one car, and the guys took another (Tim came too.)  We went to Oradea. First we went to the open air market. They were kind of closing down, but we did buy a bag of delicious strawberries.
Near the market was a fortress dated back to the 11th century. 

We then went to the clock tower, with the most incredible views ever. I could spend several hours just looking out over the city. 

We then walked to the Moon Church, a Romanian Orthodox Church. Dozens of weddings take place per day here. We saw quite a few brides. When one leaves the church, another bride and entourage enters for their ceremony. We actually sat through a wedding while we were there.

Of course we had to stop for gelato afterward. :-) 

Next we walked through a neat, historical area of town, and entered a Catholic church. A university was having a student concert there. We stayed to listen to several students sing and play violin.
(The guys being silly.)

Selfie! Haha

Next Sally took us to the mall to get souvineers. Things here in Romania are so inexpensive! 

We went to supper tonight at Hotel Slavia in Solenta. What a charming place it was! 
Seriously, the best soup I've ever had in my life. I ordered the goulash. Food here has such huge portions!
Thank you Sally and Tim for showing us around today! It was such fun, and we enjoyed the beautiful city. 

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