Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 8- Empire State Building and the Rockettes

We've done a great job at sleeping in every day! Totally unintentional, but it feels like we're still on mountain time. :-)

For lunch we went to Heartland Rotisserie at the bottom of the Empire State Building (ESB). I just had to show this picture of our soup. It was squash and apple soup. Oh my word... I need this recipe!

So I guess it wouldn't be a trip to a big city without getting "taken". Lol A group of people were selling tickets on the street to go up in the ESB. They were "VIP" passes and for an extra $10, we could bipass the long lines inside. So we agreed to the $10 extra, but upon looking at the receipt later, we noticed they had charged $40 extra per person! Ummm yeah. :-) Plus the guy pleaded for a $100 or $50 tip. 

The sights from the top... Breathtaking! 

We were hoping for a sunny, clear day, and it was!

Part of the city is enshrouded by the shadow of the ESB.

After returning from the ESB, we went to the New York Library, which is pretty close to us, and sits behind Bryant Park. I just love this building!! 

The bookstore inside was fantastic. 

Tonight was the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to see the Rockettes. This was the night. :-) On our walk to get there, we walked by a European couple very dressed up. The man was in a tux with 3 medals hanging from the middle of his shirt. The top one was a crown. I think they were attached with a blue ribbon. Any idea in what kind of royalty? I was curious.

The Radio City Music Hall is a gorgeous venue. 

The Rockettes' famous toy soldier routine. Amazing!

Lots of beautiful Christmas songs...

The live nativity...

The girl taking our photo didn't focus on us, but that's okay! Lol

Getting in the Christmas spirit extra early this year! :-)

For a late dinner, we went to Connolly's, an Irish place. Our waitress had the best Irish accent. :-) 

Another full day, and great memories made! 

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