Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 7- Today Show & Bus Tour

Today dawned bright and early... Only it was before dawn because it was 4:30am. :-) We decided to be crazy and walk down to NBC to get on The Today Show. There was a line forming when we got there, and a food truck was giving out free breakfast. Apparently, we were told, Thursdays are the best days to get on the show. 


They had an area where you could make a sign to hold. We were lame and didn't come up with anything super clever to say. :-) 

Lots of waiting and drumming up the crowd. We did see all the morning show anchors. Al Roker was doing "Rokerthon" to surpass the world record for giving weather forecasts 34 hours in a row. He was enclosed in his little weather reporting room- we saw him, but he didn't come outside. The other anchors may have come outside later in the show, but the wind was awful and we were chilled to the bone and left after awhile. 

We were in the first row of people, and it did look like we got taped for some of the group shot feed, but who knows. :-) It was a fun experience though.

Later in the broadcast, they were going to attach the Swavarski crystal star atop the Christmas tree.

All we wanted to do was get warmed up! We stopped at Pershing Square for breakfast with the best hot chocolate! 

In the afternoon we went on a bus tour of the downtown. In one of the metro stops this group was playing big band style music, and were marvelous!

The bus made a few stops and we got off at the Freedom Tower 9/11 memorial. The Brooklyn Bridge was nearby too. You've already seen pictures of the memorial... We walked a ways on the bridge to see some of the skyline. Very cool.

One of the main things we wanted to stop and see on our tour was the Statue of Liberty. But- for some unknown reason, the bus didn't actually stop there. It was supposed to, and we kept waiting for that stop on our map guide, but we noticed the driver would just drive by some of the main stops. It was getting cold and starting to sprinkle, so maybe that's why?  A bit of a letdown, but the guide was fantastic and super knowledgeable. Oh, for lunch at the bridge, we decided to get street food. I got a chicken kebab, and it was not cooked through. Into the garbage it went! Lol 

Funny sign along the way. 

George Washington lived here for a time.

We also saw where people bought tickets to ride the Titanic.
And...FIT, for all my fashion friends. ;-)

We ended up going back to Two Boots again for supper, because it was so close and delicious. Ok so the waitress recognized us from the night before. When she asked what we wanted to eat, she rattled off what I had previously, before I had a chance to spit the words out! Lol "Small gluten free pizza with cheese, creole chicken, black olives, and garlic." Ha. She was right- great memory!

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