Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 3

This morning we got up as early as we could to grab some breakfast before going to Slovakia. The hotel had a huge European breakfast with many fresh, delicious choices.

We took the metro just 2 stops over to the Durham's place. We stored our big luggage at their apartment, and just took our small bags in the rental van. 

For lunch we stopped at the Buffalo Bill restaurant. We had a good laugh at their American decor. 

Check out Chuck Norris' fave! 😂 I guess it's a surprise...

At the Slovakia border we stopped for a quick photo... No passport stamp though.

Border crossing...

Hopefully I can get a photo at some point, but the surrounding area has a lot of elderberry bushes/trees growing. They're all in peak season right now, blooming with white flowers. There are also a lot of vineyards and pretty rolling hills. 

Made it to the girls' transitional home! Such a lovely property; they're fixing it up so nicely. 

Huge cherry tree!

Their garden is thriving!

Natasha is the caretaker of this home. She's such a neat gal! One of the sheep was supposed to be slaughtered, but she just couldn't do it- loves her sheep! ☺️ We sat with her on the back patio and talked about their plans and dreams for the home. She brought us out some elderberry juice. It's made from the boiled blossoms of the elderberry. So refreshing!

The guys helped trim up the trees and bushes, and made some garden stakes for the tomato plants. 

Natasha cooked a nice dinner, and we had fun conversation. She has a young son, and there is currently one girl staying at the transitional home, with another coming in July. 

The Durham's dropped us off at our hotel for the night. They'll pick us up in the morning for church. 


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