Friday, June 9, 2017

Day 9

This morning we did some laundry and hung it out to dry quickly in the nice breeze on the balcony. 

We worked quite a bit in the kitchen preparing lunch and dessert. Sally is an awesome cook. 

The guys worked hard setting posts and pouring a concrete floor for a new wood shed at the transitional home. 

I walked to the store with Tialyr, Bianca, and Denisa for a few items. The cashier counted out eggs for us and put them in a plastic bag to carry home. Thankfully none of them broke. ☺️

A few sights on the way back to Sally's.

Sally took us ladies on a drive through different areas of the village. Talpos has about 1,400 people. 

These stork nests are pretty common. We saw a lot of them in Slovakia too. I heard that if a stork builds a nest by your property, it will bring you good luck.

A colorful gypsey house.

This horse was grazing over by the river. Horses are still used here for pulling wagons and plowing fields. 

An interesting contrast of the work horse with a tractor in the background.

Entering the village.

This is where the village witch lives.

Back at the transitional home, the guys finished the foundation, and looks great! 

They are tired and very sunburned, but it was a successful day! They've really accomplished a lot this week. Tomorrow is the last work day we'll have here.

Marius was helping out and said, "Look, I am very clean!" He's a little jokester and I love hearing him speak.

Lots of games played with the children.

This afternoon I did a live video at the orphanage. Hopefully you saw it posted and got a little tour of the outside. This is their large garden.

A new calf. 

Milk cows. They also have pigs, rabbits, and chickens, all for eating.

Georgi and brother Ionel. 💕

For supper we had chicken, delicious pasta casserole, baked beans, carrots, fresh bread, cheeses, a traditional Romanian salad, and cherry cobbler. Yum!

Someone asked about Sally's dogs. This is one of her 3 dogs, Tyson. Pretty much everyone in the village has a guard dog, due to high theft. 

Such a fun sight! (The church in the background)

Game time again!

Denisa and Alexandra. We all walked to the outskirts of town to the river. Sometimes they'll go swimming there in the summer.

Great friends and good memories.

Sweet Neli, a precious soul. And...dimples 😉

Jer and his buddy Ionel.

Ionel had such a blast with Jeremy and Josh! He is one of the cutest boys ever! 💗 On the way back from the river, he was so tired. Jeremy carried him on his shoulders and Ionel was yawning and about to nod off. 

Tialyr with wonderful sisters Bianca and Neli.

After our walk, the kids had a devotional and prayer time before bed. On Friday nights they sleep over at Sally's, which is definitely looked forward to! One of my favorite things ever is listening to these children pray. Their heartfelt and sincere prayers are so insightful and such a blessing. I know God must be smiling when he listens to them.

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