Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 8

It's hard staying up late to do these posts, but I don't dare get a day behind, or I'll never catch up! 😂

It ended up working best for our work schedule to visit Oradea today; we were waiting on some supplies to be delivered. Oradea is a large city about an hour away. Sally goes there once a week for groceries or doctor visits with the kids. 

Some of us rode in Sally's car, and some in Tim's car. Lucci, Tim's brother, had to be taken to the hospital to look at his thumb he injured the other day. 

We went to a large market, where you can buy fresh produce from many different vendors. There was also a meat section and a cheese building too. 

Tasting and purchasing pig fat to fry up for sandwiches.

We were in cheese heaven! I believe most were from sheep.

Next stop was the beautiful downtown area. They're refurbishing many of these old buildings, but still preserving their same historical look.

We had lunch at this American burger spot...

Next up was the Moon Church, completed in 1790. There's a lunar mechanism on the outside of the church's tower that rotates with the phases of the moon. If you want to learn more... 

When Jeremy and I were here last, we had our photo taken sitting on these chairs in the moon church. Guess it's a tradition now.

Then my favorite... Climbing up the clock tower at City Hall. Such amazing views from 170 ft). You can go as high as the flag. It's survived 2 world wars. The faces of the clock still have bullet holes from 1944. (There's a face on each of its 4 sides.)

The view is definitely worth all the steps! 

Love our fun group!! 

Another tradition... 😂

This was a beautiful Catholic church we walked through. 

I just love these pretty apartment balconies.

Some gypsey ladies out shopping in their colorful clothing.

We stopped off at the mall for groceries and a few other items. At the "farmacia" we met a lady who asked what we were doing, and if we were there on a mission trip. She said that she used to be a missionary with New Tribes in the Philippines. One of our church's other partner missionaries is with New Tribes, so that was cool. Small world! 

Sally took us a different way back to Talpos. We got to see some of the rolling hills nearby, and larger fields. 

We literally started singing "the hills are alive...with the sound of la la laaaaa". 😂 

Cows comin' home! We had to dodge a few with the car.

Josh gave another great Bible lesson with the teens tonight about not conforming to the world. We are called to be different and set apart. 

They closed with singing "Here I am to Worship". I just love hearing their beautiful and sincere voices. If you didn't already see the video, Amelia Jensen posted it.

More volleyball! Then we took a short walk down the road to the orphanage. These neighbor girls are so precious and sweet.

We took a tour of the orphanage, House of Hope, and the kids showed us their bedrooms. We'll be spending more time there tomorrow.

New friends! 💕

This was from yesterday at dinner.

Our later evenings are spent chatting with Sally and Tim; lots of laughter!
Noapte buna! (Good night) (Sally's house)

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