Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 2- Broadway

I decided to sleep in this morning to get caught up on my little sleep from before this trip. Joanne, one of the owner's wives and I walked over to Times Square to get matinee tickets for a theatre production. My very first show- Jersey Boys! Joanne got stuck at the Apple store for longer than expected, so I hailed a cab by myself and got to the theatre on time! :-)

It was held at the August Wilson theatre and was thoroughly enjoyable! The music was fantastic.

We walked by Rockafeller and saw the Christmas tree. It had just been delivered yesterday. 

Another photo of Grand Central.

There was a photo shoot going on with bride and groom models. 

Jeremy and the guys got off work shortly after, and we all headed out to eat at Valbella. It even had gluten free pasta! Jeff and Joanne's twin daughters live in NY, so the 9 of us met up to eat.

After dinner, Jer and I walked back "home". Along the way we stopped in the Waldorf Astoria for a look. 

We got a hot drink and dessert in the hotel club before bed. Zzzzz

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