Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Wonches Take New York

Our purpose for traveling to New York is for Jeremy's job. He and the company owners are prepping for, and going through an arbitration trial. I am tagging along for the fun of it, and to explore with Jer after his work is finished. 

Starting off the day at 3:30am (zzz), we flew from Boise to Salt Lake, to JFK. As we dropped below the clouds in New York, a bevy of beautiful colors greeted us. New England autumn! 

One of the passengers on the flight had a hairless cat that he brought out to show the flight attendant. 

We took a taxi into Manhattan to our hotel. A couple first glimpses of New York. 

Our hotel Grand Hyatt is connected to Grand Central Station. A very modern room...

Grand Central is incredible! Such a gorgeous building. 

Grand Central and the Chrysler Building.

Jer and I took a stroll a few blocks around the hotel and called it a night. It was a long day!

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