Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 5- Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served our country, and for those who paid the ultimate cost for our freedom. 

Today was Jeremy's first day of the trial. We got up early for breakfast, and here he is in his fashionable suit! Handsome!

I walked around Grand Central for a few more photos and visited Bryant Park again.

On a random note, I saw my very first rat the other day in Central Park! I've only ever seen them in pet stores!

Cops were closing some of the streets off to make way for a Veteran's Day parade.

I met up with Joanne around 10, and we took off on the subway to Wall Street. Things were fairly quiet due to Veteran's Day. 

The subway stopped near Trinity Church. 

New York Stock Exchange

The Bull!

American Stock Exchange

Next stop- 9/11 Memorial

The waterfall area is the exact square footage of where one of the twin towers was. A second waterfall area for the other tower is on the other side of the new Freedom Tower. 

Gorgeous and very moving. 

Each person's name who perished in the attack is engraved around the edge of the massive structures. 

Of all of the trees around the twin towers, only one survived the fires and disaster. A very loved tree. 

I think Jeremy and I will return back to the memorial another day so he can see it too.

Joanne and I went shopping at Century 21 next, and I have never been so "shopped out"! The store was cool, but not photograph-worthy! ;-)

We then went to Chelsea and saw The Flatiron Building.

We stopped by Eataly for a snack since we didn't get lunch.

All things Italian! Mmm They had a fantastic Italian market with fish, bread, cheese, etc., a gelato area, dessert and patisserie sections, as well as cookbooks by Chef Mario Batali (Iron Chef) who started the restaurant. 

We sampled a salami and cheese plate. I won't explain what each one was, but they were a cheese and meat lovers dream.

Making gnocchi!

We headed back to the hotel after our snack. Jeremy was having a late night working, so I walked over to Bryant Park, got some Chipotle, and watched the ice skaters. I am just amazed at the fabulous weather right now! A jacket is not even needed! 

I admire the dogs of New York. You see them with owners dodging foot traffic on the streets. For the most part, they seem quite calm and well behaved. I'm sure their senses are overwhelmed though! I miss our doggies, but I cannot even imagine walking them down 5th Ave. lol

I love street performers. This girl was particularly good! 

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  1. A history buff, I loved Trinity Church! and there was a yummy pannini shop nearby =)