Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 4

We checked out of our hotel this morning in Michelovce (pronounced Me-HIGH-love-say), Slovakia. View from upstairs:

We went to church with Ed and Heather. Natasha was unfortunately ill. 

We sat upstairs and a sweet gal translated the sermon for us.

All of us really enjoyed church today. The singing especially was amazing. It's so awesome to sing the same songs we're used to, only in a different language. How Great Thou Art, Open the Eyes of my Heart Lord, Shout to the Lord, and I Know Whom I have Believed. So beautiful! You'll have to ask us about svety, svety, svety. ☺️ The sermon was on Jesus feeding the 5000. Everyone was so kind.

On our way back to the transitional home, we drove by a "collective farm". During the soviet era, they gathered all the land and it, the barns, and animals became communal to the whole village. Now, I believe a couple of guys own this particular farm. I thought my farm family would like to see some of the equipment. 

Lunch was back at the transitional home/Natasha's. 

We really loved getting to know Natasha and hearing how God called her into ministry. We pray for the future of this home, and all the lives that will be touched through it. 

On our way back to Budapest, Tialyr and I asked to take photos of the beautiful poppies along the road. Soon after we got out of the van, we got in trouble by the Slovakian police. Apparently stopping alongside the road is frowned upon. 😬 That's okay- Ed found another spot further down the road that was better. ☺️

These next few photos were taken from the car, speeding down the road. See those round things hanging in the trees? Those are mistletoe! Some are bigger than basketballs. I believe they're kind of a weed, but so interesting looking.

Elderberries blooming.

Lovely vineyards. We had some of Natasha's homemade grape juice at lunch, which was so refreshing.

Back to the city, and checking into our apartment rooms for the night. This was the place I stayed when I was here by myself, just across the street from Ed and Heather's. Beautiful and inexpensive.

Next up: St. Stephen's Basilica. 💕

It started pouring rain shortly after this photo. All the tourists gathered on the steps out of the rain until it lessened. The cobblestones get so slippery! We'll go back later when we can climb to the top. The views are amazing up there.

For dinner we decided on Platz, right next to the Basilica, nice and dry! ☺️

Strawberry basil lemonade

The gang!

Goat cheese, quinoa, pomegranate...

Stopped raining.

Next we rode the Budapest Eye. Such gorgeous views of the city!

The 6 of us rode in a car.

The love birds' 23rd anniversary!

Sorry, no picture of Josh H. He was sitting next to me doing a live video. ☺️

Love locks!

The opera house

We may or may not have stopped for gelato in celebration of pastor Brian's birthday. 😂 Not rubbing it in or anything!


Tomorrow we head to Sally's! 💕

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