Monday, June 5, 2017

Day 5

How can it be day 5 already? Mercy.
We awoke to a gorgeous morning in Budapest, and walked to breakfast with Ed and Heather. The park that's near their apartment is so peaceful and lots of people out walking their dogs. Ronald Reagan is very popular here, for tearing down the Berlin Wall.

I feel like half of my photos are of food... Sorry! But eating is a big cultural thing here. No one rushes a meal, and enjoys good conversation. With us, Chuck Norris has always entered our conversations. 😂 (Read in a previous post about why.)

Freedom Square. 

People have displayed mementoes of their Jewish loved ones who were killed. Heartbreaking stories.

We loaded up our luggage and met Dani at his van, who took us to Sally's in Romania. I think most of us are getting caught up on our jet lag, so hopefully we'll be rested up to be put to work at Sally's. 

Dani got pulled over by the police for talking on his phone. 

It turned out to be about a $36 fine. While filling out paperwork, we laughed that one of the policemen was smoking. We got back on the road, and Dani kept talking on the phone. Lol

Crossing the border into Romania. A little intimidating. ☺️

As we neared Talpos, my heart started beating faster in excitement! We immediately saw some of the kids walking to church! Sally and a few others were standing outside her gate watching for us. Wow! It was so fabulous to hug her and the kids! There's not a day that goes by we don't think of them. And my, how they've grown! 

Today was Pentecost Monday, with two church services. We made it just in time to attend the evening one.

We sat in the back as Sally translated for us. Pastor Iovan called us forward to introduce ourselves.

After church and supper (including 3 desserts lol), was volleyball and soccer. 

Sweet Denisa wanted lots of hugs, as usual. 💕 It was so awesome to reconnect with the kids.

Silly Marius is a teenager now! 

Alexandra 😍

The girls wanted to show us the cherry tree on the church property. 

Sally is just the perfect hostess, and is so welcoming. Fresh roses, a basket of snacks, cold water... 

Chocolate, a welcome paper with Romanian history...

and common phrases.

The guys are going to sleep pretty sore tonight from all the sports playing. 😊 We're looking forward to starting our work tomorrow on the traditional house!  

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