Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Day 6

Today everyone was busy working on the transitional houses; one for Cristi and one for the girls. 

This house was just purchased by Sally to be used for Cristi when he finishes high school. We cleared out the remaining items from the previous owner.

It was hilarious- Tialyr and I tried to rip up some of the wooden floors in this house. But Cristi was like, "no no no" and kept trying to take the tools away from us. 😂 He was just concerned one of us would get hurt. He's such a hard worker, and you can tell he's very excited to have his own place. 

Getting ready for concrete! The guys worked SO hard today, and got a lot accomplished. The boys' transitional home is 117 years old. Due to erosion, the homemade brick foundation was crumbling/sagging. The guys were able to dig out under the house and reinforce it with rebar, and then poured concrete supports. It will last a long time!

The truck dumping a load of sand to mix into the concrete.

Sally, Amelia, Tialyr and I went in to Solanta to get grocery items and exchange some currency we brought to pay for the building supplies.

Gypsies selling strawberries and cherries.

Sally picked up some soft pretzels in many different flavors for meals. 

We drove by a horse-drawn hay wagon. Hopefully I'll get a better photo of this another time this week.

One of the Orthodox churches.

Love the roses and grapevines around the transitional home.

The guys were very hot and tired at lunch. 😂

Working on the rebar.


Finishing up removing the wood floor. You can see the dirt foundation.

Over at the girls' transitional home, we did some cleaning, and hauled off some straw from the chickens that used to live there.


Mixing concrete

Sally's English class with the village kids. Most of them are very enthusiastic about learning and wanting to pronounce words correctly.

The girls helping get dinner ready. A nice old man in the village dropped off some cucumbers grown in his greenhouse because he heard Sally had visitors. (Alexandra, Bianca, Denisa)

Larissa stirring the fettuccine.

The kids love to help out.

Denisa and Tialyr are twins. ☺️

Marius loves giving Sally hugs. He joked with her that when he turns 14, he will stop hugging. (That's in a few weeks lol)

After supper we played soccer and four square 'til the cows came home. ☺️ Sally was saying that a boy is hired to take everyone's cows out to pasture and watch them during the day. In the evening he brings the cows back, and each one knows which house is theirs, and will basically put themselves away. ☺️ 

This little sweetie came over from across the street; her name is Raluca.

We ladies and some of the kids weeded the garden in between the cabbage and tomato rows.

The cabbage plants have some white bugs on them that will need to be sprayed soon. Hopefully the leaves won't be ruined. Very peaceful evening.

Cristi and one of Sally's 3 German Shepherd guard dogs, Macy.

Tomorrow we'll get work started a little earlier; today was a hot one! We're actually in bed right now listening to rain and thunder. 

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