Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 7

This morning the guys helped tear out a concrete foundation from a shed that used to be there. A steel shed will be built in its place. They also dug post holes for the frame of the new shed. 

Unfortunately I woke up feeling ill with the same problem I've had all spring. I have fluid behind my ear that's draining, which is quite painful. After breakfast I took some medicine and a long nap. Tim, the pastor's son, has had the same issue over the years, and gave me some advice of what's worked for him. He picked me up some medicine from the village pharmacy.

The ladies helped clean out a shed at the girls' transitional home. 

After my nap, I could hear the chainsaw going. The guys were trimming up a tree in the front yard that was mostly dead. They had to be careful it didn't go into the nearby power line.

A common sight... 🐴

Us girls played Dutch Blitz and Uno with some of the orphan kids. It's so much fun interacting with them!

The younger kids helped clean up the trimmings from the tree.

One of the neighbor girls, Florina. She loved me holding her.

Florina and cousin (I had a hard time figuring out her name.) ☺️

They all wanted photos! 

Such adorable children! I played tag with them for quite awhile. They loved being tickled, and tickling me! Then we sat around and they tried teaching me Romanian words. It was hilarious when they laughed at my pronunciation.

Neighbors Radu and Raluca

The guys with Ionel and Marius (brothers). Ionel just came to the orphanage in the last year.

Jeremy and Cristi arm wrestling before supper. 💪🏻 All the orphan kids had supper with us tonight. It was a joyful table of a big family.

After dinner a little relaxing on the balcony with Denisa and Georgi. We laugh that Georgi and Amelia look so much alike. ☺️

The teens from the church gathered for a devotional tonight from Josh. It was about how each of us are made in God's image with a purpose for a purpose. Tim translated. 

After the devotional, we played volleyball with the teens. Jeremy ended up dislocating one of his toes. Thankfully we are here with Sally, the skilled nurse for all our ailments! 😉 She popped his toe back into place, and wrapped it up. He's doing quite well. 

I washed my hair with lice shampoo tonight... a just in case since I had one of the little village girls up on my shoulders.

Georgi and Neli are sleeping over tonight as a reward because they both earned good grades on a test. 👌🏻

It's raining again tonight. What we do tomorrow will depend on the weather and if some supplies for a project are delivered or not. 

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